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Engage Your People, Improve Community Life, Strengthen Your Business.

How we can help

With 12 years of experience dedicated to helping companies gain value from volunteering we are well placed to help in a way that is best for our clients. 

There are no membership fees, no up-front costs, and no minimum commitment; we just help where we are needed.

EV simply supports companies to build a programme that is right for them, their colleagues and their communities.  We can work alongside an in-house CSR team providing advice and assistance, or deliver a fully managed national volunteering programme.

We can deliver the same high impact sustainable volunteering across the UK and Ireland.

We like a challenge so please just ask us!

What we offer

We make it easy for businesses to make a big impact in communities across the UK and Ireland. We also make it easy for communities to host volunteers so both can benefit.

We help companies develop, implement and deliver dynamic and rewarding employee volunteering programmes nationally, delivered with ease, quality and choice.

And we report on the impact on the individual, the business and the community to provide compelling evidence of tangible returns on the community investment.

We are a volunteering partner that is happy to share best practice, embrace change and new opportunities to help companies deliver the greatest value from their volunteering programme.

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Find out how we can help you, your employees and your business with volunteering.

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Practical and Remote Volunteering for Teams and Individuals

Practical Volunteering for Teams

We support teams of three to three hundred volunteers on one day. There are significant team-building benefits for teams working together towards a common goal. There are cross departmental benefits from colleagues working together from across the business.

Whichever approach you prefer, we will work with you to create the ideal volunteering solution to strengthen your teams and make a positive impact in the community.

We take care of everything so teams can remain focussed on their day to day business.  Read more to see the comprehensive support we can provide.

Remote Volunteering for Teams

Some teams cannot always meet face to face but still want to work collaboratively on a remote team volunteering event towards a common goal.

EV has an innovative range of virtual team volunteering activities that enable colleagues from across the world to work together on a volunteering activity.

These can include a Covid-19 charity recovery forum where colleagues can use their everyday skills to brainstorm solutions that help charities recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. Or they can work together on a virtual interview skills programme where colleagues from across the country or world can help young people prepare for a career.

Online Volunteering for Individuals

Making volunteering accessible to all colleagues is essential for inclusiveness and colleague engagement. Finding quality high impact volunteering for individuals can be challenging and expensive to manage.

Online volunteering is an accessible way for critical workers, call centre colleagues or anyone that is unable to participate in a team event to get involved.

Our online programmes are align with your corporate strategy and provide a wide range of carefully selected to protect your brand and reputation. Time and impact are recorded and mapped against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, what’s not to like!

How to make a difference

In practice there are three ways that volunteers can make a difference. 

Employee Volunteers building a play area during a Practical Volunteering Project

Maintaining Charity infrastructure

Charities tell us how much they value support maintaining their infrastructure, be it their buildings, inside or out, or their gardens or other outside areas.

Many hands make light work and most charities do not have the time nor funds to maintain their infrastructure to the standard they would like. The practical work we scope for volunteers would simply not get done without their help. It also shows charities that your company cares which can be important for the self-esteem and wellbeing of their service users.

Practical volunteering is a fantastic way to build strong teams whilst making a real difference to people’s lives.

A volunteer interacting with service users during an Employee Volunteering project

Supporting Service Users

Spending time supporting service users shows them that people care; it can make their day just that little bit more special.

It can give the charity staff some much needed time and gives volunteers an opportunity to learn about the issues affecting their community.

A volunteer can inspire a child towards a successful career, can give someone homeless some hope, or can simply help someone elderly feel a little more cared for. Working with service users often encourages volunteers outside their comfort zone and contributes to personal growth. It makes a real difference.

Employee Volunteers working in a group for a skills volunteering project

Improving a Charity's effectiveness

Time to step back to look at the big picture is invaluable and often a rarity. To do this with volunteers who apply their professional and everyday skills to help a charity make a bigger difference is priceless.

Done well, our Community Business Forum can help volunteers inspire a transformational change within their beneficiary. Done badly it will often leave a charity daunted with a to do list that has no prospect of success.

Our carefully developed programmes bring tangible results, are fun to participate on and designed so volunteers can apply their skills back into their workplace.

Make a big difference

The value of spend saved by volunteers can be up to 8 times more than a donation

Our volunteer feedback proves that volunteering is good for employees and businesses too


Volunteering had a positive influence on how they feel about their employer



Rated enjoyment as excellent or good – volunteering has to be fun!



Volunteering improved their understanding of issues affecting communities



Volunteering activities helped develop a strong team 

Case Studies

Last year we helped over 500 teams to make a difference in over 90 towns and cities across the UK and Ireland. 

We help organise high impact skills and practical volunteering projects designed and delivered to make a real difference.

The scope is enormous and the case studies are aimed to give a snapshot of what is possible. 

Contact us to see how we can help.

A group of school children benefiting from a Skills Volunteering Project

Action on the Environment

Action on the Environment is an educational programme that supports children of all ages to build a more sustainable environment.  Volunteers use their skills to help young people to challenge the world around them and work towards a more circular economy. 


Community Business Forum

Group Corporate Affairs at Lloyds Banking Group from across the UK gathered in Bristol for their annual business conference. They wanted to include a volunteering session to help the Bristol third sector community.

Enterprise and Employability

Some teams want to apply their personal and business skills to benefit the local community. In schools, The EV APPrentice Challenge enables 10 to 100 colleagues to work with young people in their local schools or colleges to break down barriers into enterprise or employment.

Large Teams

A team of 100 volunteers completed well organised tasks including laying paths, prepare the land for sowing crops and controlling invasive species. They worked side by side with young people with learning disabilities to support and encourage them towards independent living.

Environmental & Conservation

Centuries ago the countryside was maintained by indigenous animals that kept the grasslands and forests under control. Most have now gone and the land needs some help to protect it from invasive plants or insects. Conservation volunteering makes a real difference and is a fantastic way to build excellent teams.

3 volunteers painting a hop-scotch mural on the playground during a practical volunteering project organised by Employee Volunteering.

Painting and Decorating

Painting and decorating, whether inside or out, makes a big difference to local communities. It also boosts the self-esteem and well being of the people who use the facilities. It shows that people care and it’s a great way to work together towards a common goal.

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